PRAGMA is a platform for exchange between different practices. It is open to people from across a wide range of fields: arts, music, crafts, business, politics, law, science, engineering, etc. We understand "practice" as an activity of self-cultivation that finds its own fulfillment in itself without objectifying itself to an end product.

The main question is: what I can learn from somebody's else approach to their practice that can be inspiring for my practice, for my work, and life in general? For example, someone's approach to making music can be inspiring for somebody who's working on a complex engineering problem, while somebody's who's working in politics may get inspired from a passionate cook...

The first step of our project is to gather information from different practitioners about their practices, in order for us to see where we connect and where we have gaps (that would be the most interesting part).

The second step is to invite all the people who answer this form to an exchange session, so we can see how we can bring our practices together and get inspired from one another.

Please, answer a few questions, so we can make the next step...

Please, could you describe what you love doing in your life on a regular basis? What is your practice?
What are the important principles of your practice and what implications can they have in everyday life?
If you described your practice with a picture, what would it be?
How did you come to do it? And where do you want to go?
What is the thing that you find most inspiring about your practice?
What are the things that you learned from your practice that could be applied somewhere else in life?
What are the qualities that one can develop when learning the practice?
If you were to write an algorithm, which part of your practice could you program, so that it could be used by other humans or even machines?
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